Photo of 48 oz. Porterhouse Steak

 Bread with Beurre De Baratte $7.25
Cabbage Baked in the Embers, Yogurt, Sumac, Lemon Zest $12
Coal Roasted Shishito Peppers, Snap Peas, Citrus Mango Salt $14


Smoked Mushroom and Beet, Crème Fraiche, Currants $16
Yellowfin Tuna, Pickled Cucumber, Avocado, Citrus Vinaigrette* $19
Beef Tartare, Pickled Fresno, Porcini Aioli, Salsa Seca, Smoked Egg Emulsion, Levain* $17
Duck, Juniper, Pomegranate, Turnip, Cured Egg* $19


Oysters on the Half Shell Garnished Traditionally and Creatively* $20 / $40
Smoked Lamb Ribs, 4 pcs $19.25
Scallops, Pistachio Butter, Haricot Vert, 2pcs* $16
Grilled Lamb Chops, Charred Eggplant Purée* $17
Smoky Grilled Chicken Wings, Oregano, Chili, Vinegar $17.50
Grilled Calamari, Green Beans, Almonds, Lemon Breadcrumbs $17.50


Little Gems, Shaved Market Vegetables, Bread Crumbs, Grilled Scallion Vinaigrette $16
Collard Greens, Yams, Lemon Caper Vinaigrette, Shaved Onion, Aged Cheddar, Breadcrumbs $16
Chopped Salad, Tomato, Havarti, Bacon, Grilled Onion, Kalamata Olives, Jo-Jo’s Vinaigrette $17
Arugula, Dandelions, Asian Pear, Sunchokes, Honey-Kosho Vinaigrette   $16
Red Gem Lettuce, Escarole, Green Goddess Dressing, Spiced Celeriac $14


Please enjoy our selection of house made condiments:
smoked paprika mustard chimichurri, red wine chipotle bbq sauce, J-1 steak sauce, and charcoal marinade.
All meats are served rested and most are sliced.

Prime Skirt Steak $40
16 oz Prime Ribeye $75
10 oz Prime Beef Sirloin $32
Boneless ½ Chicken Salsa Verde $29
8 oz Certified Angus Filet, Sauce Choron $50
J1-Marinated Snake River Farm American Wagyu Sirloin* $49
Grilled Vermillion Rock Cod, California Citrus, Port Wine, Brown Butter, Mint $39
21 Day Aged Half Liberty Duck, Honey, Coriander (subject to availability)* $60
16 oz Certified Angus New York Striploin, Roasted in the Coals* $55
California Avocado Pesto, Cherry Tomatoes,Fresh Tagliatelle $20
Oxtail Bolognese, Gremolata, Horseradish, Cavatelli Pasta $28
16 oz Coffee Rubbed Durham Ranch Bison Ribeye*   $61
Grilled Whole Maine Lobster, Yuzu Butter*  MP 


Grilled Brassicas, Leek, Vegetable XO Sauce $14
Broccolini, Onions, Fermented Black Beans, Mint    $12.50
Yukon Potato Baked in the Coals, Salted Butter, Crème Fraîche, Aged Gouda, Chive $14
Roasted Wild Mushrooms, Parsley Breadcrumbs, Fermented Garlic Dressing $16
Coal Roasted Carrots, Sheep’s Milk Ricotta, Herbs, Honey, Black Pepper $14
Grilled Artichoke, Sunflower Seed Hummus, Puffed Grains $18
Sweet Potato Hasselback, Citrus Butter, Buttermilk, Herb $12
Steak Fries with Ketchup, Mustard $12